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About UK-Groceries

Why choose
With hundreds of popular food and drink brands available, our products are ordered direct from UK food suppliers and generally despatched to you within five working days, thus guaranteeing the best product shelf life available. We offer a competitively priced flat postage fee for the European Union and discounted rates worldwide. We use a secure banking server for payment processing and we offer an insured and trackable courier service to despatch customer orders for security and peace of mind.

Still can't find your favourite UK food item?
Send us an email with as much detail as possible including the manufacturer's name, product name, flavour or type and pack size. We will try and source it for you and place it on our product list within 10 working days.

How do you pay?
To make payment easy and secure, once you have passed through our checkout you will enter WorldPay, a leading secure payment server endorsed by the major banks who will process your payment. They accept all leading international credit and debit cards.

Will we guarantee that your personal details remain confidential & secure?
Yes. Absolutely. We do not have access to your credit and debit card details.  These are processed by the WorldPay secure payment server. Moreover, we fully understand and acknowledge our customers' right to privacy and will not pass your personal details on to any third parties.

How long will your parcel take to arrive?
Usually within two weeks. You need to allow a maximum of five working days for us to source your goods and depending on where you live, your order should arrive between three and nine working days later. For BFPO ships and remote islands where there is no air freight service available, this may take longer as despatch will be by ship.

Can we deliver anywhere in the world?
Yes we can. Our couriers offer a world wide service. However from time to time countries may be temporarily suspended from the service due to general strikes, natural disasters or civil unrest.

How can you keep the despatch costs to a minimum?
Despatch costs for EU countries are generally fixed for a carton up to 30 kilos in weight or 120cm3 in bulk.  Outside the EU costs are usually derived by weight and bulk.  As the gross weight of your parcel increases, the pro-rata price of despatch generally decreases. Thus, the more you order the cheaper your shopping basket will be. Try to buy in bulk and plan to buy stock that will last you a few months as opposed to weeks. Or alternatively group together with friends and family or form a buying club and share the cost with them.

Is there a weight restriction?
Yes, there is a consignment restriction depending on where you live. This is generally between 20kg and 30kg per box.

Is there a restriction on what products you can order?
Yes. These vary from country to country. Some countries restrict certain food items or limit the quantity of certain food items you can buy. It is best if you check what you can order and what restrictions are in place with your local customs office before placing an order. Unfortunately these restrictions change from time to time so we can not offer advice on our website for individual countries.

Will you be liable for import duties and taxes?
In most cases no but it is best to check with your local customs office what you can buy without incurring any local costs on delivery.

Can you order for somebody else?
Yes you can. Please ensure you check what you can and can't send first and also that the recipient will be available to collect their goods at their final destination. Once you have checked the above then simply complete your name and address details in the customer name and address boxes and complete their details in the delivery name and address boxes provided once you have passed through the checkout.

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